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A few notes on theology and history: the Catholic church has a long history of failing to separate church and state, while separating its orthodoxy from its parishioners’ felt faith. It amends the language of its worship rites, but seldom its broader vision of mercy and salvation and its own list of requirements for church connection beyond the Old Testament 10.

My own influences include Peter J. Gomes, professor of Christian Morals at Harvard Divinity School, and Howard Thurman, a Morehouse graduate, Florida-born, the grandson of a slave; an ordained Baptist preacher who became deeply engaged as a Quaker mystic, a mentor to Dr. King and others as the first major religious appointment of an African-American at a major college, Dean of the Chapel at Boston University. Dr. King had one of his books in his brief case when he was killed.

Thurman focused on the choices of the living…

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Hello world!

Welcome to Here’s my first post:

NBC cancels “Law and Order” after 20 years, without notice, then has the temerity to splash “Goodbye to L&O” all over their website. They even have a trivia game. Bastards.

What am I supposed to watch when I feel or lazy now???

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